We deliver fast, flexible and professional services in electrical installations and IT infrastructure.

Our key advantages are local sales and technical support, turnkey solutions and solutions tailored to specific project demands.

Building a reliable multi-purpose cable system

Electrical infrastructure

  • Electrical cables
  • Electrical installation materials
  • UPS and generators
  • Electric vehicles charging stations
  • Power supply systems designing
  • Turnkey systems
  • Project management
  • Installing, connecting, and testing
  • System maintenance
EM infrastructure
  • We actively contribute to spreading the EM infrastructure
  • We provide chargers from renowned European brands
  • We adjust projects to the technical and financial user needs

Maximum level of quality and security for your IT system

IT infrastructure

Reliable system
  • Certified components
  • Professional installation
  • Certifications
  • Copper and fiber optic cables
  • Connectors, splitters, patch cables
  • Predetermined cable systems
  • Communication cabinets and equipment
  • Measuring equipment
  • Cable network systems designing
  • Turnkey projects
  • Project management
  • Installing, connecting, and testing
  • Obtaining a multiannual system guarantee
  • Kovinska 20, HR-10000 Zagreb
  • OIB: 57526315997
  • MB: 2548950
  • MBS: 080705314
  • Ivan Kruljac, Toni Petronio
  • Court of records: Zagreb Commercial court
  • Founding capital: 20,000.00 HRK, paid in full